Alan and Fanny


IN 1978 HÉLÈNE & EMMANUEL PICHON-VARIN STARTED THE COURNET-HAUT STORY. OVER THIRTY-SIX YEARS, WITH MUCH HARD WORK, CREATIVITY AND TENDER LOVING CARE, THEY TRANSFORMED THE DOMAINE FROM ITS RUN-DOWN STATE INTO THE BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY RESIDENCE IT IS TODAY. IN 2014, THEIR DAUGHTER FANNY AND HER IRISH HUSBAND ALAN, DECIDED TO "PICK UP THE PEN" AND WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER. to this day, Loyal visitors continue to choose cournet-haut as their holiday destination. Some of them who came when they were little, now bring along their own children to let them experience the freedom and sense of adventure of the domain and to build more unforgettable memories together. The great story of cournet-haut keeps writing itself and nothing could make us happier…

Domaine de Cournet-Haut
Purveyors of unforgettable holidays and happy memories since in 1978

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